The Eight Week Body Transformation Program

The 8 week workout plan has answered my prayers. There is finally a program that you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time.
However saying losing fat and building weight is a bit of cheating. One cannot really build muscles and lose weight at the same time. It may however be said that this exercise happens within the same period of time. The period that the program dictates is eight weeks.

Everybody's goal is taken care of by the eight week body transformation program. There are four major goals that have been identified by this body transformation program as donated below.

The first objective is focusing on losing fat
To build Muscles.
primary goal on losing fat while also building muscles.
Primary focus on building body muscles and also on losing fat.
Cyclical Dieting and Nutrition Timing

However the main focus of this program is on cyclical dieting and nutrition timing. I know you are probably confused by these terms. cycling your diet in simple terms is what is referred to as cyclical dieting. A normal diet for fat loss would have you in a caloric deficit for the whole diet. The program is all about cycling ones diet so that one either has caloric surplus or deficit for a period of eight weeks. This largely depends on the goal selected. The variance in caloric intake is largely dependent on the goal one has selected be it building muscles or losing fat. Click here to learn more about this.

The nutrition timing section focuses on when you need to be fueling your body and with which nutrition aspects such as protein, carbs and fats.

Results to Expect
There are four major factors that determine the kind of results that one could expect from participating in the program.

How long you've been training - The longer that you have been training the slower your muscle gain will be. The beginners are most likely to gain muscles a lot faster.

Muscle memory-It is harder to build new muscles than to regain lost muscles.

Genetics- most people know this to be ones body type. Some body types will gain muscle faster and others will be more gifted in the area of fat loss.

Everyone is different but some people are just gifted in these areas.

Drugs will also play a factor in your results. Other people in need of quicker results may take drugs like steroids to increase muscle gains. Definitely this is not a way to go. It is very possible to everything without drugs.

This program also has the following;
Resistance and Cardio training information and recommendations.

The lifestyle factors that will affect your transformation.

Carb cycling meal plans.

This program therefore prescribes the right kind of nutrition to help one lose fat and build muscles.